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Exquisitely Fragranced Scoopable Wax Melts Sample Set

Exquisitely Fragranced Scoopable Wax Melts Sample Set

$ 12.00

Enjoy six *random* samples of highly scented wax scoops! These cups fit approximately 1 ounce of reusable wax which has a delightfully soft and creamy texture. Use a scoop to measure out the quantity you'd like to melt, and even combine multiple scents to create something perfect for your mood.

One plastic sample spoon will be included -- I can provide more upon request :)

Place in a wax melter and let the aroma fill the room.
Do not leave wax melter unattended.
Do not pour very hot wax back into the plastic container
Do not leave in a hot mailbox or similar location, product is designed to melt so please consider this when ordering! xoxo

Ingredients: Soy/Paraffin Wax Blend, coconut oil, fragrance, sprinkles, wax colorant