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Almond Macaron Almond Macaron is a sweet and nutty confection with vanilla supporting the delicious almond notes. Sugary, creamy, and rich, but light and fluffy just like the delectable cookie!
Aqua Aqua is an homage to a cologne scent with a similar name. Bergamot, neroli, light patchouli and rosemary. A masculine scent that is something I can't get enough of. Yes, I wear it myself daily!
Badedas Leafy greens, fresh basil, bright citrus, musk bass notes with warm amber. This spa scent pampers the body, heals the soul, refreshes and awakens you. Suitable for men and women.
Bambina A soft, almost "soapy" scent of fresh violets and ripe raspberry.
Bedtime Bath Bedtime Bath scent hugs you with lavender, neroli and mandarin. Herbal and floral lavender buds bring the comfort and warmth for a cozy, drowsy sleep, and the bright citrus flourish brings a smile to your face.

Blue Oak

Blue Oak is an absolutely refreshing scent of pine, wood, a light citrus and a blast of fresh air. This is Savor's take on the standard "man's fragrance" My husband gave this one a big stamp of approval and said it was exactly what he wanted. It's a perfect unisex scent -- I love using it myself, too!
Bora Bora Savor's Bora Bora scent calls to mind warm tropical breezes, drinks with pretty little umbrellas and shimmery hot nights. Acai berry, pineapple, mango and yuzu, made more complex with light musk and orchid notes.
Calistoga I adore relaxing, spa-like scents, and Calistoga might be the queen of pampering scents! Similar in feeling to my Badedas, Joie de Vivre and Ciao Bella blends, the scent is a fresh and natural mix of green leaves and a dash of peach, apple, and pineapple. It's evocative of squeaky-clean, freshly washed and styled hair at a salon -- similar in scent to Biolage* hair products.
Cherry Whip Indulge with Cherry Whip -- a sweet and fruity ripe cherry scent with undertones of vanilla, sugar, and marshmallow.
Coconut Lime The tropical Coconut Lime scent blends warm and creamy coconut with bright, fresh lime.
Cookie Dough Sweet and chocolaty!
Creme Brulee Creme Brulee is a slightly custardy, caramelly, gentle and creamy scent, with a velvety richness you find in a decadent dessert. This is one of Savor's top-sellers! Everyone who has tried it remarks on the delicious and unusual scent.
Cucumber Mint Especially for the spring and lovely as a kid's soap -- Cucumber Mint is a fresh interpretation of this classic pair of complementary scents.
Dread Pirate Roberts The perfect companion to the Princess Bride soap -- Dread Pirate Roberts is a wonderful blend of amber, freshly washed linen, a wisp of musk and a velvety finish. Excellent for both men and women.
Fresh Snow Invigorating, crisp and clean air scent. Icy spring water, frost-covered birch, light sandalwood and clean cotton.
Honey True to its name! Thick and rich sweet golden honey scent.
Hot Buttered Oatmeal Hot cooked oats, melted butter, a touch of maple, and sweet sugar.

This is a complex and romantic blend of jasmine, white lilies and violets. Middle notes bring lavender and rose to mind -- and the blend has a base of ripe apple and fresh greens.

This is an intriguing scent that doesn't smell particularly of any one element -- it's a whole that is much greater than the sum of its parts!

Kauai Gorgeous green tropical scent. Luscious gardenia, jasmine, and mimosa flower. Leafy and bright green notes and a vanilla finish.
Lemon Squares Effervescent and happy lemon topped with powdered sugar. Lemon Squares brings base notes of vanilla and buttery crust, a smidge of coconut, and fresh lemon zest.
Little Black Dress SEXY. For those of us who LOVE a little kick to our sweetness, Little Black Dress is the scent! Black licorice is simply irresistible! Anise is unmistakable, unique, daring. I kept this scent moderate, so that it's not overpowering, just enticing.
Lychee Rose By special request -- a fruity and floral combo of exotic lychee and romantic red roses. Almost like a raspberry or cherry in its sweet scent, the lychee note dances perfectly with the lush and fragrant rose.
Mahalo Fruity, juicy orange blended with maraschino cherry, pineapple and coconut. Middle notes of ocean air and acai berry and a base of warm rum.
Mandarin Plum A bright and simple blend of ripe plum with juicy mandarin oranges.

Maui brings a solid base of palm wood and sandalwood to bright notes of fresh pineapple, orange and berry. This tropical paradise of a soap also blends soft white jasmine and plumeria, giving it a sunny and lightly perfumed floral finish.


 Currently my bestselling fragrance. Chilled passionfruit juice, yuzu and guava, sparkling sunny ocean air and mango.

Milk Peach milk blended with coconut pulp, bergamot and tangy lemon. A hint of warm spice.
Mimosa Classic champagne and orange juice indulgence!
Neptune Weathered wood and salty sea air.
Peach Ripe and just-picked sweet peach scent. Olive oil and shea butter. Summertime fruit-picking, bees buzzing and warm breezes.
Pear This might need a newly invented vocab. Is lush-delish a word? Luciouslicious? A not-too-sweet fresh pear fragrance. It is so crisp and juicy!
Peppermint Natural peppermint essential oil.
Peppermint Fluff Peppermint Fluff tingles and cools your skin with real peppermint essential oil. Sweetened with notes of vanilla, marshmallow, and made flirty and fun with a little violet and white floral finish.
Pipe Smoke Pipe Smoke: gentle, wafting, sweet pipe smoke scent. Suitable for both men and women who like a more masculine scent. Woodsy, aromatic, comforting.
Plumeria Strong, fresh, sweet and fruity. Plumeria is a quintessential tropical floral that transports you to the Hawaiian islands. Green bottom notes, juicy top notes, and jasmine and gardenia to round out the middle.
Puakenikeni Think Hawaiian leis. Notes of orange and tropical flowers, pikake, tuberose. Base notes of fir for a fresh green finish.
Pumpkin Simple. Pumpkin. Creamy, earthy and sweet, just a dab of vanilla, but the spice notes that you often see with autumn scents take a back seat and the pumpkin itself really shines through. *not for sensitive skin
Red Lychee Bubble Tea How have I lived without this sweet, delicious scent? Many Asian countries produce lychees: India, Nepal, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines. It is a sort of raspberry-like berry with more tartness, covered by a thick skin and with an inside similar to a grape. Bubble tea is a delicious Taiwanese drink that contains tapioca pearls on the bottom, and the drink itself is tea mixed with different juices and milks. If you haven't tried a bubble tea yet, you've got to find a shop!
There are notes of rich black tea blended with an almost raspberry/cranberry-like fruitiness.
Sea Sea is a clean, brine scent with fresh green notes. Crystal water with accents of white musk, vetiver, and ozone.
Sex Appeal Rose and strawberry
Sparkling Ginger So pretty! Sparkling Ginger is scented with spicy ginger, sweetened with sugared lemons, and a surprise hint of jasmine. It has a bubbly, fun feeling to it, like a glass of champagne.
Sugared Dates & Lemon

I'm such a lemon fan. And lemon blended with sugar and rich dates is an incredible treat! Exotic and cheerful, the Sugared Dates and Lemon soap bubbles up around you in aromatic clouds of super-sweet dates and bright, crisp citrus.


Ylang-ylang and ginger combine in a beautiful burst of citrusy-clean energy. A soft hint of vanilla gives this scent a warm sunshine feeling!

Sweet Cake Sweet Cake is a delicious, frosting-like fragrance, and generously scented. It's like a vanilla cake with thick, rich buttercreme. It smells just like the name -- Sweet Cake!
Sweet Tea and Cakes Fresh-squeezed lemon splashes into a sweet, sugary iced tea, and hints of cream, vanilla, buttercreme-frosted cakes provide a refreshing and yummy blend of scents. Available exclusively from Savor, this idea came from one of our customers and I think Sweet Tea and Cakes will be very well-loved!
Vanilla Bean Sometimes simple is all that's needed. Warm Vanilla. 
Vanilla Hazelnut Comforting and nutty hazelnuts blended with vanilla.
Vanilla Orange Cake A sugary orange and vanilla blend.
Waterfall A soft and gentle floral. Notes of jasmine and wild lily, with fresh water mist for a clean and crisp finish.
White Tea & Ginger A light white tea and ginger scent. It's not overpowering, and is suitable for sensitive skin. The white tea is refreshing, the ginger slightly astringent, and the combination is relaxing!
Wicked Notes of brandied fruits, bubbly champagne and mulled cider. A playful and naughty autumn scent!