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Red Lychee Bubble Tea Olive Oil Bar Soap

Red Lychee Bubble Tea Olive Oil Bar Soap

$ 5.50

Many Asian countries produce lychees: India, Nepal, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines. It is a sort of raspberry-like berry with more tartness, covered by a thick skin and with an inside similar to a grape.

Bubble tea, which is mimicked here by a bumpy concave texture on the side, is a delicious Taiwanese drink that contains tapioca pearls on the bottom, and the drink itself is tea mixed with different juices and milks. If you haven't tried a bubble tea yet, you've got to find a shop!

There are notes of rich black tea blended with an almost raspberry/cranberry-like fruitiness.

Size: 4 oz

Ingredients: olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, castor oil, safflower oil, glycerin, purified water, sodium hydroxide, sorbitol, sorbitan oleate, soybean protein, fragrance, color