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Savor is run by a wife and husband team of soapmakers: Lisa, a full-time computer tech and and Mike, a full-time operations analyst. We work in San Francisco and many of our soap photos are taken downtown. We live just outside of San Francisco and love to source our ingredients locally whenever possible.

Lake Merrit, Oakland, CA

Lake Merrit, Oakland, CA

This blog is designed to chronicle our everyday lives – from our adventures to our business, to our thoughts and dreams. It’s part of the Savor business, so we hope to showcase new items and have fun contests on the blog from time-to-time!

Our products are currently sold in many locations. Our primary store is located on Etsy! We’d love to have you drop by and check out our products. Savor was chosen to be one of Etsy’s Featured Sellers in February of 2008.

We welcome interviews and contacts, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with savor!

Lisa was born in upstate NY and graduated from SUNY Geneseo with an English degree. She moved to San Francisco about ten years ago to work as an editor for a wire service, and while her job has changed – she’s now a LANDesk administrator and computer tech – she’s stayed at the same company and loved (almost!) every minute of it. Needing a hobby to keep her occupied after moving to San Francisco (she didn’t know anyone here), she picked up soap making. Other hobbies eventually took over – computer games, sewing and embroidery (awful at those!), and object design for The Sims.

Oakland, CA

Oakland, CA

Lisa met Mike at work, and a romance began, and then we were married about three years ago. We moved out of San Francisco to save up for a house. During the move, Lisa rediscovered her soap supplies, and picked the hobby back up and turned it into a full-time business, selling on Etsy after watching Mike list his artwork there.

The bittersweet real estate market made it possible to get a home rather quickly, and now we’re homeowners! We have a lovely soap studio and a separate stock room, which makes life so much easier.

What do we do other than soap making? Together, we really enjoy camping – Mt. Diablo being our favorite spot. We love to cook, and we love to dine out. We’ll try anything at least once, and there aren’t many foods we don’t enjoy.

Oakland, CA

Oakland, CA

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