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Savor Newsletter
SUNDAY, November 27th, please join me at http://savor.etsy.com for a fantastic Savor Saver sale!

Beginning at noon Eastern Time (aka “Etsy time”) and lasting until “whenever” there will be wonderful deals on goodies of all kinds in my soap shop. Limited editions, old favorites, and current stock might be featured as a Savor Saver. They’ll all be very clearly marked and in the Black Sunday section.

1-3 items will be posted approximately each hour. I have no set finish time but it’ll probably wrap up around 6 pm Eastern.

I will be listing high quantities of items. However, the items still sell out EXTREMELY fast. Often under two minutes! You must checkout quick to secure your purchase. No reservations are possible. You are welcome to buy more than one of any item, but please leave some for the other shoppers too.

Many treats will be created ESPECIALLY for the event and might be exclusive and never offered again!

WHERE TO JOIN IN: I’ll start a forum thread on Etsy and link to it from my shop, so we can all chat while the sale is ongoing. I won’t be able to read or answer everything posted in the thread so if you need to reach me during the sale please send me a direct note! You will need to be a member of the savorette team to post — but reading it is public so anyone can read it.

SHIPPING: If you wind up paying too much in shipping cost I’ll send a refund after totaling all of your purchases.

I hope to have all shipments sent out by DECEMBER 2.

PAYMENT: All purchases must be paid for at the time of sale. Checkout won’t be complete until payment is submitted, since Etsy has revamped their shopping cart system. No coupon codes needed!

SWAPPING: Unfortunately I cannot swap or trade items between customers this year so please choose carefully! All sales are final.

Hit me up on Facebook if you have questions!

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