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Savor November Newsletter: Savor Saver Time!

Black Saturday: Savor Saver SATURDAY, November 28th, please join me at http://savor.etsy.com for a fantastic Savor Saver sale! Beginning at 9:30 am PT and lasting until “whenever” there will be wonderful deals on sets and singles in my soap shop. Limited editions, old favorites, current stock, all manner of different goodies might be featured as […]


Black Friday/Savor Saver

What’s a Savor Saver event? Created in October 2008 to celebrate Savor’s 1 year on Etsy, a Savor Saver is an all-day event where special items are marked down — way down, as they say! Even 50% off! The items will be listed in a high quantity and they sell out extremely fast — I’m […]