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Savor Poll: Scrub Time!

I’ve been working on some fancy new scrubs, and I decided my new favorite material is pumice! If you’re brave you can use it as a facial scrub, although it is pretty gritty and there’s always the risk of getting sand in your eyes, which would be completely unpleasant. But a pumice foot scrub, man, […]


September Winner!

Meet Bernadette! In a lovely harmony of fate, she’s also a seller on Etsy, and she makes lovely crocheted SOAP items! Scrubbies, cloths, etc — isn’t that the neatest coincidence? I have featured some of her items below She won the Savor September contest If you’re interested in future promotions from Savor, be sure to […]


Savor September Newsletter: Win $100 shopping spree!

Savor September Giveaway! CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED! September’s newsletter brings a chance to win a $100 shopping spree at my Etsy store: http://savor.etsy.com ! http://www.savorsoap.com/giveaway/savorPromo.php Simply fill out our short, 10 question survey to enter (be sure to fill out a legit email address!). Survey will close on September 19 and the winner will be […]


Meet Manuel!

I met Manuel almost 10 years ago when we were both working in the newsroom of our “day job” — and when I reached out asking my friends who might be able to help with soap wrapping, labeling and inventory, Manuel accepted! He’s been doing a spectacular job and will be a huge help as […]