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Thursday Savor Scent Poll

Ooooh baby! Let’s talk about layering scent! I love to layer scent. Most of all, I like to layer complimentary scents, like I’ll take a citrus scrub and then a tropical soap, followed by maybe a more green citrus body spray. I know lots of other people like to layer the same scent in multiple […]


Recent Goodies!

I wanted to share with you some recent goodies I picked up on Etsy! I’m way into pearls and rhinestones right now, and grabbed these two lovely necklaces from Tissage and OhFaro: Now this makes me covet OhFaro’s Vintage Rhinestone Bib Necklace and Tissage’s Florence Pearl and Vintage Rhinestone Bracelet,


Scent News!

I wanted to take a second and chat about some upcoming scents and some discontinued scents! The discontinued first: Athena (2 bars left) Black Mission Fig (6 bars left I think) Filthy Cute (enough left for a while, but supplier discontinued it!) Sweet Carrot (I have a leeetle bit left) And on to the newer […]


Thursday Savor Scent Poll: Sample Packs

I’m going to start releasing sample packs for the upcoming season! I am leaning towards grouping scents by theme, like I’ve done in the past — a floral set, a dessert set, a set for men. I would like to include not only some scents that I currently have in stock, but also brand-new and […]


Savor August Newsletter

Click here for Newsletter Signup Your Choice Sale! Happy August! We’re just on the cusp of fall here in the US, so you’ll start seeing more seasonal soaps pop in at Savor — remember to join me on Thursdays at The Cookbook to vote on new scents and voice your opinion on a whole bunch […]


Thursday Savor Polls: Etsy’s Rearrange Your Shop Feature and Soap Scents

Etsy’s on the cusp of releasing a feature that will let shop owners rearrange the items in their shops (I’ll acronym it “RYS”). I’ve been beta-testing it for a while, and while the feature works smoothly, I’m kind of at a loss on how to creatively use it! When you’re browsing shops, what are your […]


Hey Kids! Safety First.

Remember to uh, use microwave safe bowls, ok? In case it’s not immediately obvious… yes, this bowl actually no longer even has a bottom. Sigh.


Savor’s Flat Rate Shipping, Explained

On Etsy, we’re unfortunately limited in how much shipping customization us shopkeepers can offer. To combat this and hopefully provide an easier checkout, I’ve duplicated many of my listings and set them with Flat Rate Shipping. It has two tiers (although currently Canada is the same price for both). Smaller items (bar soaps, mini Creme […]


Wow, win more free soap!

My lovely friend HollyLynne is hosting a contest on her blog — enter to win a bar of Angel Food Cake! This is currently exclusive to her blog as I do not sell it anywhere online at the moment! Indie Home Ec