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Savor’s June Newsletter

New Arrivals! Happy June, my friends! I’m writing with extremely exciting news — I’ve been bursting to tell you all, I’m going to have a baby this summer! I am due at the end of July with our first, and she’s a cute and sweet little girl YAY! Yes, this is why I’ve had to […]


September Winner!

Meet Bernadette! In a lovely harmony of fate, she’s also a seller on Etsy, and she makes lovely crocheted SOAP items! Scrubbies, cloths, etc — isn’t that the neatest coincidence? I have featured some of her items below She won the Savor September contest If you’re interested in future promotions from Savor, be sure to […]


Meet Manuel!

I met Manuel almost 10 years ago when we were both working in the newsroom of our “day job” — and when I reached out asking my friends who might be able to help with soap wrapping, labeling and inventory, Manuel accepted! He’s been doing a spectacular job and will be a huge help as […]


Talk about Whatever on The Cookbook

A very sad day yesterday as we all heard the news that both Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett passed away. I never followed the career of Farrah, but was always a big Michael Jackson fan — Thriller was my very first LP (it’s like a CD, kid!), and the Beatles white album my second… We […]


Strange Weather Tonight

After work we dropped by Trader Joe’s to pick up groceries, and saw a lovely rainbow — and some freaky clouds! These clouds are called “mammatus” — I wish our example was more extreme but I think they’re pretty neat, regardless. I have never seen them before in person — only online. Little Snow Cat […]


About The Cookbook

This blog is intended to be a companion site, showcasing the day-to-day happenings at this very busy soap shop, along with Lisa and Mike’s adventures and capers.